SUPERFOODS™ being in the field of nutritional supplements since 2008 has been established in this area and in the minds of consumers as a company that offers useful, innovative, high quality, safe and affordable products that are designed solely driven for individual needs. For the first time presented products like Hippophaes, Capsules Cinnamon Extra™ and a number of other natural products that show how nature offers better shielding in the body of each individual.


SUPERFOODS™ offers products that have been meticulously created with the greatest care as observed with stricter standards for the production of each crop/natural product separately, since the creation of surveys conducted thorough to be delivered to you having excellent quality. This particular care has led to the recognition of the company’s major foreign countries and is the only Greek company that has managed to get the process of FDA, for legal sale in the U.S. While both products Superfoods™ have managed to create their own public in countries of Europe, as they perceive the high quality products. Apart from all these the SUPERFOODS™ does not stop looking for new ways of development for better nutrition towards a better quality of life and offer innovative products.


Each Superfoods™ product has come a long way until it reaches your hands. With the knowledge, technology and special love for what we do care that every moment of the creation of natural/herbal supplements to best suit your requirements to provide excellent products directly from nature.