SUPERFOODS™ is the first company in Greece to introduce superfoods in pharmacies as food supplements with a complete series of innovative and natural products. Superfoods are natural sources that contain extra quantity of nutrients, vitamins and minerals.

Superfoods™ brand has 60 unique Selling codes. The “hero” product is Superfoods Hippophaes™ (Sea Buckthorn). Hippophaes is a plant with ancient history and traditional use backed up with a variety of scientific publications on active ingredients and health benefits. Hippophaes contains 190 active ingredients, such as Vitamin E, D, A, K and Ω3, 6, 9 fatty acids. The main health benefits reported include increase of energy levels, prevention of cardio disease as well as beauty benefits (hair, skin glow).

Among Superfoods™ portfolio there are well known Superfoods such as Cinnamon EXTRA, Spirulina GOLD, Valeriana PLUS, Cod Liver Oil EXTRA, Cranberry. Besides the classic herbal remedies, there is also a variety of novel Superfoods such as Mushrooms, Hoodia, Apricot kernel, Guarana, Acai berry, Goji Berry.